The Ta’veren A Wheel Of Time Podcast

The Ta’veren A Wheel Of Time Podcast

About the Show:

Three guys spun out by the wheel to correct the pattern… or destroy it? Who knows!

Welcome, pull up a chair and have a seat.  BRAN!  Another pint here for my friend!

Follow along, as our hosts go through the Wheel of Time series, chapter by chapter.  Listen in as Bill, Rob, and Rich attempt to bend the pattern…in their own special way.  If you’re curious about this incredible book series, this podcast is the perfect compliment to listen to while reading the books.

Come experience Robert Jordan’s fantasy world that is so deep and fleshed out with great locations and greater characters.  A world that Game of Thrones wishes it could be as fully complete.

Where to Listen:

The Ta’veren: A Wheel of Time Podcast is available on Apple Podcast,, YouTube and wherever else you listen to podcast.

Social Media:

Twitter: @TaverenPod.

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