The Super Switch Club: A Nintendo Podcast

The Super Switch Club: A Nintendo Podcast

“The Super Switch Club” is a documentary-style, crowd sourced, hype/re-play podcast where players from around the world are invited to relive the nostalgia of retro games on the Nintendo Online virtual library – from the NES to the 64-bit era, and beyond! It’s kind of like a book club, but with video games! (Part of the We Can Make This Work Probably Podcast Network!)

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Each season, games are nominated by people who contributed to the latest season and then voted on in a bracket! We’ll be cycling through each system available on the Nintendo Switch Online Virtual Library: NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, GameBoy / GBA, and N64. (Note: If a game from a franchise is chosen for a season, that series is taken out of the running until the next ‘cycle’)

Follow The Super Switch Club on Twitter and Instagram@SuperSwitchClub and check out our Discord page to keep up with the pod! Also check out Podcasters Assemble – which inspired this project, and Bill’s JPRGs and Other Trappings Podcast – where this show first got it’s start! And if you’re a fan of the podcast and want to help keep this show going, you can support our editors on Patreon at!

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“Switch and Play”

In order to make the best podcast possible, we want to hear about some of your favorite (and least favorite) things about these iconic games! You can submit monologues for just one section of the current game or send in an audio file for every single one, but in each submission be sure to say who you are, list a single Podcast / You Tube channel / project / social media page that you’d like to promote, and then talk about anything you loved about the game! (See below for Topics, Schedule, and FAQ)

Submit your audio here!

As a guideline, here are some good topics to think about for our “Star Tropics” season :

  • First time playing this game? (Ep Zero)
  • Nostalgia for the game / system (Ep Zero)
  • Instruction Booklet / Cover Art (Ep Zero)
  • Opening Title Screen (Ep 1)
  • Gameplay or Mechanics (Ep 1)
  • The Story
  • The Soundtrack
  • The World / Pixel Art
  • Favorite Characters and Quotes
  • Items / Weapons
  • Secrets and Strategies
  • Behind-the-Scenes Trivia
  • Boss Battles
  • The Ending (Finale)
  • Overall Impressions (Finale)
  • Ranking with previous SSC Games? (Finale)

These are 100% suggestions feel free to skip some and to talk about anything else you love about the game, just try and keep things in chronological order if possible. Click here to watch Troy show you just how easy it is to record a submission (this is an example from the Star Wars season of Podcasters Assemble)

Schedule (Season 7: “STAR TROPICS” – NES, 1990)

In order to stay on schedule, it is imperative that you meet these deadlines with your submissions! Recommended 3-5 minute entries, 10 mins max! (OR ELSE)

TopicDue Date
S7E0 – “STAR TROPICS” (NES, 1990)The Instruction Manual / NES NostalgiaMon, Jan 15th
S7E1 – Star Tropics: Chapters 1 and 2Mon, Feb 12th
S7E2/3 – Star Tropics: Chapter 3 *Two Parter*Mon, Feb 26th
S7E4 – Star Tropics: Chapters 4 and 5Mon, March 25th
S7E5 – Star Tropics: Chapter 6TBD
S7E6 – Star Tropics: Chapters 7 and 8TBD
Bonus: “Golden Axe” (Sega Genesis, 1989)Mon, July 8th
SNES Nominations (Season 8) – must do at least one episode entry in current season*ASAP
*Podcast Promos and Plugs* (promote your content!)N/A

Submit your audio here!

*Note: If you don’t have much to say on a topic, you can still send in a short sub, but don’t feel obligated to submit for every single episode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this an Audio Only Lets Play podcast?

A: No, well at least not in the traditional sense, the Super Switch Podcast is a Podcasters Assemble style podcast where we cut back and forth between multiple submitters. Since we edit in background music for the final product, it helps to not have video game music and sound effects in the background of your submission.

Q: Can multiple people submit together?

A: Because the submissions all get chopped up and mixed together, it’s a lot easier if each person submits a separate audio file. If you do record together for brainstorming purposes, please try to work your actual answers as monologues, without cross-talk between the separate people.

Q: How long should my submission be?

A: As long as you need to share your thoughts. For best results we suggest 3 – 10 minutes (15 minutes max please). If you go any longer some of your audio will likely be cut out to keep a good flow with different submitters.

Q: What if I want to submit, but don’t have any projects I want to promote?

A: That’s totally fine! You can just say your name in the intro, and for the link we can put your Twitter, Instagram, or other social media, or we can just thank you by name without a link.

Disclaimer: reserves all rights to any ad revenue generated from the podcast.

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