005 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

The RPG After Years

Welcome to Episode 005 of The RPG After Years! The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo dropped on us out of nowhere, so we decided to play it and give our impressions!

  • What have the boys been playing? Scott has been showing some great Switch games to his friends, including Zelda and Mario. He’s also trying to clean up the backlog  He even beat a game! Rich has a big announcement regarding the Golden Years.
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  • News: There’s been a new Pokemon announced: Zarude! Also, the top 10 Pokemon of all time have been decided!
  • News: The Final Fantasy III Remake got a major update? Wait, what?
  • News: Baldur’s Gate 3 announced!
  • RPG releases: We go over all the recent and upcoming RPG releases!
  • The main discussion! The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is officially out! What did we think of? How did it play? How did it look? What did we think of the gameplay and combat? How were the characters and their voice acting?  Based on this, where do we think the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going?
  • Our charity event, the Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown, is back!, and it’s LIVE NOW!! It’s in progress, so join while oyu still can! materialockdown.com

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