033 – PS5 Showcase and Final Fantasy XVI

Welcome to Episode 033 of The RPG After Years! This week, Scott, Jay, and Rich talk about the PS5 Showcase, Final Fantasy 16, and the latest segment of the RPG Club!

  • It’s an RPG Club episode, so no catch-up or news segments.
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  • The RPG After Years is hosting an RPG Club! Think of it like a book club, but for RPGs. For those participating, you have until October 4th to finish the game in Wild Arms! Again, the next RPG Club will take place on October 4th.
  • Then, nominations will open that same day for Patrons. Voting will begin one week later on October 11th and close a week after that on October 18th. The second RPG Club will officially start on October 18th!
  • We cover the Sony Playstation 5 showcase and the Final Fantasy 16 teaser trailer.
  • We also cover the most recent RPG Club segment for Wild Arms.

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