037 – Persona 5 Royal Review Part 4

Welcome to Episode 037 of The RPG After Years, your weekly show covering all things RPGs from the past, present, and future! This week, Scott and Corey complete their review of Persona 5 Royal. We out here reforming society!

  • It’s a review, so no catch-up or news segments.
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  • It’s time to talk more Persona 5 gameplay! First up: the battle system! What did Corey think? From showdowns, to baton passes, to all-out attacks, we’re going deep on this baby.
  • Persona 5 Royal added a surprising amount of content! Scott reveals all and why Royal really is the new ultimate version of the game.
  • Finally, our rankings! Scott and Corey have varying opinions, but in the end, only Corey’s counts. Is this thing overrated or did it live up to the hype?
  • Next week, we will be beginning our Wild Arms review!

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