047 – 2020 RPGs and 2021 RPG Hopes

Welcome to Episode 047 of The RPG After Years! This week, we talk about what we saw in 2020 RPGs and what we want for 2021.  We also put another chapter down for the RPG Club.  

What have the boys been up to? Rich: Spider-man: Miles, Tales of Berseria, Ara Fell, Final Fantasy 14, Nier and Immortal Fynix Rising. Scott: A lot of different games.  Jay: Trail of Cold Steel and Trails of the Sky, Tales of Vesperia. The RPG After Years is hosting an RPG Club! Think of it like a book club, but for RPGs.  Annual gifts have gone out to our $10+ patrons! Keep an eye out! The core host will be doing a Secret Santa on an upcoming episode. Should be great fun! RPG Club time! This week we cover the section of NieR: Automata, Completing Pascal’s Despair in Route C.  Next week: Spider-Man Review with Scott and Rich.

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Music: NieR: Automata OC ReMix by RoeTaKa: “Beautiful Rise” [City Ruins – Shade] (#3666)

Music: OC ReMix #1349: Final Fantasy VIII ‘Everything = Nothing’ [Compression of Time] by Sefiros

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