#Bonus# Chrono Cross RPG Club – Segment 4 – Complete The Dead Sea

Bill’s up to no good again and has stared a second RPG Club to run alongside the current FF13 one!

For the side club Bill, Scott and the RPGAY community are playing Chrono Cross and todays episode is covering the first segment, to compete the Radical Dreamers game.

The Cross Club For Cool Kids: Kicks of Sunday 8th May

Each Segment lasts 2 weeks

Segment 1: Complete Radical Dreamers by May 22nd

Segment 2: Complete Viper Manor Raid by June 5th

Segment 3: Complete Fort Dragonia (First Visit) June 19th

Segment 4: Retrieve Lost Party Member by July 3rd

Segment 5: Reach the Sea of Eden by 17th

Segment 6: Finish the game by July 31st

The RPG After Years is hosting an RPG Club! It’s like a book club, but with RPGs, and we hope all of you play along! We are between games right now, but voting has concluded and the winner is… FINAL FANTASY XIII (13), nominated by Rob K! The next club has begun! you need to complete the second segment by May 29th which is finish chapter 5.

The Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockkdown challenge has begun! It’s our annual charity challenge that makes FF7 more interesting. For more info, please visit materialockdown.com! The Ys 3 review concludes! find out if its as bad as people say it is! We go over the history, talk story, discuss gameplay, and give our final ratings!

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The British one.

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