Bonus Commentary: “GODZILLA vs THE SMOG MONSTER!” (1971 – Japanese version aka ‘Godzilla vs Hedorah’)

Godzilla vs Hedorah - commentary track

“In each creature, there’s a weakness…” “Hedorah’s only sludge – he can be dried!”

With only 26 more days until the release of “GODZILLA vs KONG”, podcasters from across the globe are on a mission to celebrate Kaiju cinema’s 88* year history by revisiting some of the biggest films from these two titan franchises! In today’s bonus episode: Erik, Chris, Justin, and Kory record a (hilarious) commentary track for 1971’s “GODZILLA vs HEDORAH” – the Japanese version, aka “Godzilla versus the Smog Monster”! 

*Watch along with us on HBO Max!* (Note: Commentary track starts at 7:21 into the podcast – que up at the movie beforehand at the Toho logos.)

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