Disco Club – Breakdown Announcement!

Quick hello to discuss the upcoming Disco Club starting this weekend!!!

Disco Elysium Club Breakdown:

1: Get the body down – Due October 29th

2: Conduct interviews – Due November 19th (3 Week Segment)

3: Reconstruct the murder – Due December 3rd

4: Finish game – Due December 17th

FF6 Clown Posse Club Breakdown:

1: Get to Scenario Split and complete Locke's scenario – Due 8th October

2: Complete Zozo – Due 22th October

3: Complete Sealed Cave – Due 5th November

4: Complete Floating Continent – Due 19th November

5: Get Airship (Falcon) and have 6 total party members – Due 3rd December

6: Have 12 total party members – Due 17th December

7: Have all 14 part members and beat the game – Due 31st December


The British one.

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