E15.5 – Event Debriefs (and even more announcements!)

A quick podcast update from Erik Slader!

  • Event Debriefs: “Spaced Out” Comic Con at MOSH / Amelia Island’s Book Fest
  • Updates / Edits to the podcast and blog (in progress)
  • RIP Katherine Johnson (1918-2020)

Upcoming Events:

Podcast Crossovers:

*Special shout outs to @MadeInSpace @BuzzSprout and @ProbablyWork !*

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Erik Slader

Erik Slader is an author, podcaster, and full-time nerd. He’s the co-author of the “Epic Fails” book series (The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History, The Age of Exploration: Totally Getting Lost, etc) and the creator of Epik Fails of History, a podcast and blog about the most epic fails… of history. He’s also a co-host on 2 Young 4 This Trek: A Star Trek Podcast, and an editor / frequent contributor on Podcasters Assemble – where this season they’re counting down to “Godzilla vs Kong”!

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