Episode 048 – Marvel’s Spider-Man Review Part 1 + Secret Santa

Welcome to Episode 048 of The RPG After Years! This week, Scott and Rich begin their review of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4! At the end of the episode, Jay joins in to finally do our Secret Santa!

  • The RPG After Years is hosting an RPG Club! Think of it like a book club, but for RPGs. For those participating, you have until January 17th to get Endings C, D, AND E in NieR: Automata!
  • Annual gifts have gone out to our $10+ patrons! Keep an eye out!
  • Bill’s JRPG Adventures and Other Trappings has started a community playthrough of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link! Scott, Bill, and many others are participating. Find out more on our Discord or by listening to the show!
  • Main Discussion: Marvel’s Spider-Man Review. We cover the development history and the story of the game.
  • Bonus segment! We finally do our Secret Santa! Scott got Jay an anime desk lamp, Jay got Rich a Final Fantasy philosophy book, and Rich got Scott a replica Mega Man X buster cannon arm!
  • Next week: Marvel’s Spider-Man Review Part 2! Plus the finale of the NieR: Automata RPG Club!

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