Episode 10 – Volcano ft. Alexis Stringham

Show Notes

For episode 10 Tyler is joined by Alexis “MuteBanshee” Stringham and they watch Volcano, a movie that both cured racism and gave 11 year old Alexis nightmares for decades.  I said I would and I always deliver here is a link to “All That”.  Don’t forget to tweet using #Volcanoes4Rachel

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I was on an episode of “The Best Animated Shows Ever… So Far” where I watched an episode of The Legend of Zelda animated series with Troy and M.C., go check it out! Please:  https://basesfcast.pinecast.co/ 

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Tyler is the host of The Coordinate: An Attack on Titan Podcast and Too Young for this Trek. He is also known for having several cats.

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