Nerdeagram 101: What is the Enneagram?

“Nerdeagram” is a podcast exploring personality types through the lens of nerdy fandoms, pop culture, and the Enneagram! (Created by Erik and Meghan Slader) – now on Spotify!

The Enneagram is a personality test (somewhat similar to the Myers-Briggs test) that helps to determine one’s underlying motivators. It can help people understand themselves and others, as well as learn ways to grow. Although it’s roots can be traced back to archetypes in ancient cultures, and many philosophers throughout history had similar concepts, the modern Enneagram was first invented by a Russian mystic, George Gurdjieff, before being expanded on by Chilean psychiatrist, Claudio Naranjo, and Oscar Ichazo, a Bolivian spiritual leader. 

The Enneagram is essentially a breakdown of 9 basic personality types: 

  1. The Perfectionist
  2. The Helper
  3. The Achiever
  4. The Individualist
  5. The Observer
  6. The Loyalist
  7. The Enthusiast
  8. The Challenger
  9. The Peacekeeper
  • Each of these also fit into 3 categories or ‘centers’: Thinking (5,6,7), Feeling (2,3,4), and Instinctive (8,9,1), also referred to as “Head Types”, “Heart Types” (those motivated by their emotions), and “Body Types” (who tend to go off gut instinct)
  • In addition to the 9 base personality types, there are 3 variations of each, known as Subtypes, or Instinctual Variants: Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social Instincts
  • Unlike many other personality tests (like the Myers-Briggs test), the Enneagram is flexible and fluid, affirming our own individual traits, challenges, and potential. 

If you’re interested in learning where you best fit in, we highly recommend taking the free test here! ( For a more thorough breakdown of each type, check out! (further reading and sources here!)

And if you haven’t already, check out the Nerdeagram podcast for more!

Erik Slader

Erik Slader is the creator of “Epik Fails of History” a blog (and podcast) about the most epic fails… of history. With Ben Thompson, Erik is the co-author of the Epic Fails middle grade book series, including The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History and The Race to Space: Countdown to Liftoff. His latest book, “2299” is a sci-fi / noir novella. Erik is also an editor on Podcasters Assemble and a co-host on 2 Young 4 This Trek, as well as a contributor to Geek to Geek Media and! He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media, once managed a comic book shop, has a weakness for fancy coffee as well as retro video games, and currently lives in Green Cove Springs, Florida with too many cats.

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