Probably Jam 2021: Our Third Annual Game Jam!

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Here at the We Can Make This Work (Probably) podcast network we believe in endless creativity and limitless opportunity, and we have created a platform with which to promote those thoughts and ideas in the dumbest ways possible. This is the game jam for those with questionable taste!

Check out our itch page here where you can sign up for our third annual game jam! Jam begins on April 20, 2021 and ends on June 9, 2021.


Your entry must relate to the following theme, “Remove, replace, or add a letter to an existing franchise.”

For Example:

  • Remove a letter and “Mass Effect” can become “Ass Effect”.
  • Replace a letter and “God of War” can become “God of WAP”.
  • Add a letter and “The Wind Waker” can become “The Wind Wanker”.

Your game doesn’t have to be titled with the theme you come up with, but it should inspire it… in some way.  Be creative and have fun with it! Please let us know in your submission what “your theme” was though!


  • This is a noncompetitive game jam.
  • You can make something with premade assets as long as you have the rights to use them.
  • We will remove irrelevant or blank entries (how would you make an irrelevant game?  We literally have a theme called “Is this Content?”).
  • You can submit NSFW content as long as long as you mark it as such and don’t promote any of the usual hateful -isms and -phobias.  Yes, that includes transphobia as well as phophobia. Why are you afraid of delicious Asian noodle dishes?
  • This jam runs from April 20th, 4:20 am to June 9th, 6:09 pm, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5).  We believe this gives participants a nice amount of time to make something fun given the usual demands of work/family/school. You can and should make design decisions, form teams, and set up project infrastructure like source control and automated builds, but don’t begin development of the game until the start time.  If you have extra time between now and the start of the jam, we recommend working through tutorials on the engine of your choice.
  • You may make something in a non-digital format, such as a tabletop/paper-based game. You may submit a mod as well.
  • There is no min or max team size.  Check out our Discord server as well as the community section to form and join teams.


The podcast network.


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