S2E2 – STAR FOX – Route 1 (Corneria, Asteroid, Space Armada, Meteor)

“Good luck!” – General Pepper

The Super Switch Club is scrambling their Arwing fighters in order to help defend Corneria and the Lylat System from the evil Emperor Andross! Will you heed the call? That’s right, we’re paying the original SNES classic, 1993’s polygonal space shooter: Star Fox! (Now available to play on the Nintendo Switch Online library!) For today’s mission, the Star Fox team is on course for Track 1 – after a counterattack on Corneria we make our way through the Asteroid Belt, past Andross’s Space Armada, and the Battle Base Meteor, before an orbital assault on Venom! 

Who will survive to the end of the game? Find out now, on The Super Switch Club!

Featured on this episode:

(Episode edited by Erik Slader)

Special Thanks to the band Entertainment System for permission to use their “Star Fox – Corneria, Asteroids” track! (Find their music on Bandcamp)

OC Remix Music Featured: “God Speed” by The Wingless, “Clan McCloud” by djpretzel, “Meteorave” and “Space Cowboys” by bLiNd. All tracks inspired by the original soundtrack composed by Hajime Hirasawa.

We Need Your Help, Star Fox:

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