Star Trek: Lower Decks S2 Review, Star Trek: Prodigy Premiere Review, and Star Trek: Discovery S4 Predictions


This week Tyler, Troy, Erik, and MC discuss all of Lower Decks Season 2, the first episode(s) of Prodigy, and Discovery Season 4’s trailers.  

Troy also tells us how to get high by huffing our own supply.  You can listen to our episode to learn or just watch this video on youtube.

Be sure to check out Erik’s Nacelle Banging article here

Time Codes:

  • Lower Decks Season 2 – 6:00
  • Prodigy – 49:30
  • Below Decks – 1:37:00
  • Discovery Season 4 – 1:39:00

Join us on our next voyage: The Next Generation – First Contact

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