Wonder Showzen – Space

“Chuckle Up!”

Season 2 of Too Young for this Hit or Two Young for this Hit is finally here!  Things are a little different this time around.  Now Tyler is joined every (urrr most) episodes by Evan Tolley from Thoughts Cast and they are watching an episode of a TV show one of them has never seen.  In this episode they watch a show Tyler suggested, Wonder Showzen, and turns 1) Evan has seen it and 2) Evan hates it.  

Anyways they watch Wonder Showzen, season 1 episode 2 “Space”.  Which features sketches such as Yuck Yuck Goose and his Sidekick his Butt, Beat Kids, and God killing himself.  Its a blast!  Leave us a 5 Star Review and we will love you forever!

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Tyler is the host of The Coordinate: An Attack on Titan Podcast and Too Young for this Trek. He is also known for having several cats.

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