002 – Good RPGs

The RPG After Years

Welcome to Episode 002 of The RPG After Years!

  • What have the boys been playing? LOTS of Tales games, But also some exciting news about Fire Emblem: Three Houses! Jay and Scott have also been traveling a bit…
  • The Patreon is still going strong. You can get early access to episodes, ad-free episodes, lots of bonus episodes, live recording access, and access to the video version of the show; amongst many other benefits! patreon.com/rpgafteryears
  • The Game of the Decade bracket is over! What did YOU listeners decide was the best game between 2010-2019!?
    Is Jackbox Party Pack 3 really that great?
  • News: Lots of Kingdom Hearts! Kingdom Hearts All-in-One announced, and Project Xehanort is officisally titled Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road!
  • News: Atlus is looking to release more games on Switch?
  • News: Bioware is completely revamping Anthem? First question: WTF? Second question: Why bother?
  • RPG releases: We go over all the recent and upcoming RPG releases!
  • The main discussion! What makes an RPG good? We all go into some deep alalysis about what makes an RPG “good”. Is it the story? The gameplay? The art? The characters? The battles? We debate on what really matters for RPGs!
  • Our charity event, the Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown, is back! It will be launching March 3rd, so get ready to have your materia locked down! materialockdown.com

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