2 Young 4 This Trek – is now on Patreon!

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a socialist utopia and things cost money.

Too Young For This Trek is a podcast where three Trekkies introduce their friend to Star Trek in a completely random nonsensical order.  Kind of like if you caught the show for the first time in syndication.  Basically, it’s complete chaos, but like in a good way.

For $3 a month you can support the folks at Too Young For This Trek and get access to Dork Seduction, where MC, Erik, Troy, and Tyler take turns trying to seduce each other with stuff they love, like, or vaguely recall hearing about several years ago but never checked out.

So where will your valuable support go?  To be honest, mostly self-esteem.  Making a podcast is time-consuming.  Plus they’ve got kids and are tired all the time.  Or in MC’s case, he’s just tired all the time.  Knowing people are listening and enjoying the show enough to join the Patreon will make putting in the work to create it much easier.

Also basically everyone’s computer is about to die… I mean Tyler’s can barely handle the spreadsheet used to schedule recording sessions and Erik’s is literally held together by electrical tape and a dream.  They’d also like to be able to improve the show with enhanced production value including original theme music, better sound quality, and a new shiny thumbnail!

Head on over to Patreon.com/2Young4ThisTrek to help support the show!

Erik Slader

Erik Slader is an author, podcaster, and full-time nerd. He’s the co-author of the “Epic Fails” book series (The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History, The Age of Exploration: Totally Getting Lost, etc) and the creator of Epik Fails of History, a podcast and blog about the most epic fails… of history. He’s also a co-host on 2 Young 4 This Trek: A Star Trek Podcast, and an editor / frequent contributor on Podcasters Assemble – where this season they’re counting down to “Godzilla vs Kong”!

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