E20 – THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS: Cold War on Defrost (Part 1 of 2)

An episode 13 months in the making! (First recorded in 2019)

– In Part 1 of our coverage of the Cuban Missile Crisis, ERIK and CHRIS spoke with high school history teacher, BRETT RICKETTS, about the Cold War, Hiroshima, Soviet Russia, Castro, and the (*failed*) “Bay of Pigs” invasion of 1961 – which would ultimately set the stage for a political crisis that would soon bring the world to the brink of nuclear war!

Will Khrushchev call JFK’s bluff? Will the human species survive? Will the podcasters stay on topic? Find out only on Epik Fails of History!

Nuclear Explosion Footage Montage

Nuclear Bomb Time Lapse Video

Nuclear Warheads Around the World (Updated)

Duck and Cover – “Bert the Turtle” Nuclear War Infomercial (1951)

MUSIC CLIP: “2 Minutes Till Midnight!” by Iron Maiden (1984)

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