Episode 8 – Wayne’s World ft. Arjuna Gonzales

For episode 8 Tyler is joined by Arjuna Gonzales and they watch Wayne’s World, Arjuna’s favorite movie that he has never seen.


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Check out the game EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER Arjuna mentioned in the episode here: https://hthr.itch.io/extreme-meatpunks-forever

And you can hear our good friend Troy A.K.A TroytlePower play it here: https://tpptpptpwtp.pinecast.co/episode/a094fae16e274b90/29-secret-santa-gift-extreme-meatpunks-forever-pc-part-1-


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Tyler is the host of The Coordinate: An Attack on Titan Podcast and Too Young for this Trek. He is also known for having several cats.

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