The Road to Podcasting

I like to think I’m a simple, easy going man. Low maintenance, fun, all that Jazz.

Fun Bill

But since becoming a podcaster over the last year I learned that I’m none of these things.

In fact I’m demanding, opinionated and now… empowered!

This is my story…

It all started about a year ago now, my Mum’s health was detreating fast from Motor Neuron Disease, and I was really looking for something to distract me during my down time (Mostly my commute to work)

This is when I found Jay.

One of the many podcasts I listen to had mentioned they wanted to create an app for their show. Jay tweeted them saying he could build it for them.

I contacted Jay and offered to help despite having no experience in code or web app development but wanted to learn a new skill.

As it turns out I was not the only one. Scott and Rich had also volunteered to assist. So Jay trained us in the ways of code and even with my best effort to break the app we created Hogib!

We slowly added to the app to where I now is in good working order with little maintenance so I needed something else to do.

Now those of you who know me have seen my enthusiasm when I have an idea. I pick it in both hands and run with it so fast even Usain Bolt is left in my dust, and I had a crazy plan… to play Over 500 RPG’s!

Sadly my mum passed away back in March. It took me a while to get the show up and running but Rich got behind the project and we eventually got everything together to record our pilot show and what was to be episode 1 of RPGGY.

My First concept art for the show

Podcasting lit a fire in me. I’ve never been very artistic, but I always wanted to create… just anything really. I’ll save the highs and lows or making podcasts and improving the content that I try to put out. I’ll even make a post on podcasting with no budget, and the story of how an Australian man got me involved with an American podcasting network that he himself has nothing to with???

Yeah its been a strange kinda year. At times having a distraction from my grief was my main driver behind all my podcasting activities. But in a strange way its tuned the negativity of my mothers passing, into positive content that I’m super proud of… and I’m sure my mum would be proud too.


The British one.

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