Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown

Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown

A New Challenge Has Arrived

The Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown Challenge sponsored by our podcast cousins RPG Golden Years has begun! In this challenge each character in FF VII is assigned a different type of materia. From that point forward, that character is only allowed to equip that type of materia. This adds a new level of difficulty to the game requiring you to use different strategies than you have used in the past.

And Its For A Good Cause

The Materia Lockdown Challenge is also a fund raising event for the Motor Neuron Disease Association. Donations are optional but go to a great cause. As an added benefit to donating for every $100 raised Bill will stream one hour of Final Fantasy VII playing blindfolded. He will have three friends guiding him through his blindfolded play through: one will manage the menus, one will read the text, and me, a person who has NEVER played Final Fantasy VII, will be guiding him throughout the world. Should be fun.

Learn everything you need to get started with the Materia Lockdown Challenge by going to their website

Also you can check out Bill’s Blog to see why the MNDA is worthy of you donation.


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