Hangin’ with Harry ft Pete Bourgelais

Vote for Pete.  No, not that Pete.  The one with the hard to pronounce last name… NO THE OTHER ONE.

The ProbablyWork extended space time continuum has its annual breakdown with special guest and Maine House of Representatives candidate Pete Bourgelais, who answers your questions and talks about various Maine state policy issues, like adding dental coverage to MaineCare (Maine’s Medicaid program) and rural broadband.  Also there’s stuff about skittles and a food review with our very own Handsome Harry.  To learn more about Pete’s campaign and how to contribute, check out the links below.

Support Pete Bougeiais:

Link to donate $5 Clean Election Qualifying Checks if you live in Maine district 112: https://apps1.web.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/ethics/cleanelection/home.pl?submit=submit&trans_type=candidate

US citizens outside of Maine District 112 can send donations, maximum of $100, made out to “Pete Bourgelais For Maine House” to 8 Pinkham Hill Road Phillips, ME 04966

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook @Pete4MEHouse

Join the Probably Jam Game Jam:


Other Links of Interest:

Map of House District 112: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/2013/House/hr112.pdf

Dental care article #1: https://mainebeacon.com/dental-care-is-health-care-says-lawmaker-looking-to-fix-mainecares-lack-of-coverage/

Dental care article #2: https://mainebeacon.com/critical-dental-care-for-low-income-adults-gets-second-chance-before-maine-legislature/

Andrew Yang Chapo Trap House interview: https://soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-house/bonus-the-andrew-yang-interview

Domestic violence article from the TANGBHVRIG segment: https://mainebeacon.com/taking-stand-for-safety-of-indigenous-women-legislature-passes-tribal-vawa/

CDC Handwashing page: https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/when-how-handwashing.html

Text of that bill: https://mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/getPDF.asp?paper=HP0571&item=9&snum=129

GFDC Broadband plan: http://www.greaterfranklin.com/resources/broadband

Article on ISPs not building out fiber networks: https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/24/17882842/us-internet-broadband-map-isp-fcc-wireless-competition

Article on municipal fiber in TN: https://www.isemag.com/2020/01/telcom-rural-fiber-electric-utility-cooperatives-rewards-chattanooga-tennessee/

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