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6/9 Dudes!

Our first game jam officially came to an end on June 9th, 2019; however, we aren’t done yet. Below you will find links to download the video games submitted for the jam (click the title) as well as a round up of all the let’s plays we know about for them. This list will be updated as new content is released.

Four table top games were submitted for Probably Jam as well. We will update you on those when we figure out a plan to play them. Until then you can check them out for yourself on the Probably Jam 2019 Itch Page.

Stay Woke

Developed By: Kyan, Sandalphon, and minyan

Description: You wake up in a lab and are chased by monsters. The only weapons at your disposal are canned drinks. Your sole objective is to stay woke.

Let’s Plays:

Midnight Grub Session

Developed By: Steven, Matt, Rory, and Mia

Description: This is a game where your goal is to become dummy thicc.

Let’s Plays:

Anti Toilet Cleaner

Developed By: AGameDev1

Description: You are a Toilet defending a bathroom against deadly Toilet Cleaning Products, they are determined to get through you defense’s and will never stop coming

Let’s Plays:

Pie Game

Developed By: Dave22153

Description: In this game you will bake delicious pies for hungry tourists. The tourists will buy your pie and eat it because they are hungry.

Let’s Plays:


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