“Eyes of Ganon are everywhere! Be careful…”

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Our group of podcasters continue their quest to save Hyrule in “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link” (on the NES and Nintendo Switch virtual console)! On today’s episode, after obtaining the Nintendo Power Glove (it’s sooo bad) and after finding Bagu squatting in the middle of the swamp for some reason, the Saria Town bridge keeper eventually let’s us pass, and we make our way through the treacherous caverns of Death Mountain!!! 

Featured on this episode:

(Episode edited by Bill and Erik)

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OC Remix Music Featured: “Battle of the Hylian Hero” by Random Hero, “Hipccordian” by AmIEvil, “Hyrule’s Deadly Palaces!” by Audio Mocha, and “Temple Trance” by bLiNd. All tracks inspired by the original soundtrack composed by Akito Nakatsuka.

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