S6E7 – “F-ZERO 99” (NSO, 2023) / “F-ZERO” (SNES, 1990) – #SSCSpeedRun Final Round!

“There are two kinds of drivers in this race – me, and the losers!” – Captain Falcon

Our long-awaited finale in our #SSCSpeedRun season is finally here! For this “Emergency Bonus Episode”, we’re racing through this brand-new remix of the original classic 1990 Super Nintendo launch title: “F-Zero 99” (2023)Now on Nintendo Switch Online!

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(Edited by Erik Slader)

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Next Time: Season 7 – “STAR TROPICS”! (NES, 1990)

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Music: Original “F-Zero” soundtrack composed by Yumiko Kanki and Naota Ishida (‘F-Zero X’ music by Taro Bando and Hajime Wakai / ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ – F-Zero tracks by Ryo Nagamatsu and Kenta Nagata) – OC Remix Tracks: ‘F-Zero Synthwave Remix’ by ChillBoy Beats, ‘Big Blue Metal Cover’ by RichaadEB, ‘Mute City Synthwave’ by MaxieDaMan, ‘Project Blue’ by OverShield, ‘Muted Skyline’ by JD Harding, ‘Blue Vacation’ by Tansunn, ‘The Freedom of Zero’ by Harmony, ‘Port Town Remix’ by DJ Mykah – AND “Rainbow Road” from Mario Kart 64!

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