Tales from Flavortown the Iron Chef Japan Recap Podcast- Episode 252 – Ducks for Daniel

Show Notes

Welcome back to Tales from Flavortown the first, favorite, and only Iron Chef Japan Recap Podcast. Today it’s another episode just like you’ve come to expect from our 5 year history. Your host Evan, Matt, and Tyler watch an episode of the original Japanese Iron Chef and break it down for you. The episode they watched for this episode was strange. It was dedicated to the 29th birthday of some Australian guy named Daniel K.

Happy Birthday Daniel! I hope this was everything you wanted from a podcast covering Iron Chef Japan.

Would you like to hear more of this podcast? Currently episode 252 is the only episode in existence.  If you want to hear episode 179… the one we don’t talk about. You will need to tweet @BallofMatts on twitter and demand more Iron Chef Japan Recaps! 

Podcasts to Follow

First thing first go listen to Daniel K’s Podcast. If you weirdly decided to read this before listening to the episode, don’t even listen to this yet. Just go listen to Daniel K’s Lets Plays  and leave him a review or something.

Also give Evan’s Podcast Thoughts Cast a listen. Evan’s a great dude too and without his unpreparedness this episode would not have been as fun as it was.

Like D&D? Well listen to Matt’s Podcast Party Roll. They’ve been doing it for years and are one of those rare podcasts that actually start out with non-painful to listen to audio quality. Also Matt and his friends are pretty frickin’ funny. Let’s Party Roll!

Tyler’s podcast Too Young for this Hit is about movies Tyler has never seen.

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