001 – Retro vs. Modern Video Games

The RPG After Years

Welcome to Episode 1 (!!!) of the official podcast relaunch: We are now The RPG After Years! We will be covering all things RPGs from the oldschool retro classics to the modern age. And our topic this week is fitting: we will be discussing the merits of each of our favorite “Golden Years” gameS–anything from the PS2/Gamecube/XBox age and prior, and our favorite “After Years” game… everything after that! Who will bring the best to the table? Find out!

  • We have a new intro and outro, and lots of new jingles! On top of that, we have new album art! Yes, the show has gotten fancy.
  • We also have a new e-mail: you can now reach us at rpgafteryears@gmail.com.
  • We have a brand new Patreon! You can get early access to episodes, ad-free episodes, lots of bonus episodes, live recording access, and access to the video version of the show; amongst many other benefits! patreon.com/rpgafteryears
  • Our charity event, the Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown, is back! It will be launching March 3rd, so get ready to have your materia locked down! materialockdown.com
  • What have the boys been up to? Rich, Jay, and Scott all cover what they’ve been playing the last couple of weeks. Also, Rich reveals his Alundra progress.
  • We review the Game of the Decade Twitter tournament bracket. The finals have now started! Go and decide the ultimate Game of the Decade on Twitter. We also discuss the debacle of how Jackbox Party Pack 3 is still in the running!
  • In the News: a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer has dropped! We go over our thoughts and hype generated by this stunning trailer.
  • In the News: new Kingdom Hearts MOBILE title announced? Project Xehanort??
  • Lots of Pokemon news, including price and details about the upcoming Pokemon storage service, Pokemon Home.
  • Lightning round of news: Mobius Final Fantasy ending, Knights of the Old Republic remake rumors, Horizon Zero Dawn multiplayer, and more!
  • As usual, we also cover recently-released RPGs and upcoming RPG releases.
  • Main discussion: The Golden Years vs. The After Years. Retro vs. modern. Which one reigns supreme, and which one of the boys has the best selection of games?
  • Teatime with Bill: Bill covers his progress in Alundra, the Materia Lockdown, and weighs in on the modern vs. retro game debate.

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