RPG After Years Patreon Rundown!

The RPG After Years

New show, new Patreon! Scott and Rich do a full and thorough in-depth rundown of all the new Patreon tiers and benefits. There’s lots to get excited about, so we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of all the cool new perks. Find out more at patreon.com/rpgafteryears

Here is a small taste test of some of the benefits:

  • The Aftercast: This is our flagship benefit. Every month we put out one full-length bonus episode. It could be about anything! It’s also the “Aftercast”, so we certainly won’t be as hesitant about letting loose on our REAL opinions. You will see a different side of the hosts in these episodes: raw and unfiltered!
  • Ad-free show: We get it. Ads and promos can be intrusive and interruptive. No more. As a Summon, you will gain access to an exclusive feed that features an ad-free version of the show.
  • Early episode access: Tired of waiting until Thursdays every week for the show? Well, wait no longer! Summons get the episodes at least one day early on Wednesdays! Sometimes even TWO days early on Tuesdays!
  • Recording access/video version: We’ll do it live! We will stream every episode live to Patreon, and as a Party Member, you will have exclusive access. You can even leave your own mark on the show by commenting in the comments section or on Discord, and we may read your feedback live on air! Even if you can’t make it, the video version will remain on Patreon. You can watch the episode as soon as we finish recording!
  • Non-RPG reviews: Thought we only played and reviewed RPGs? Think again! Every time one of us finishes a game, we promise to review it and release it as a bonus episode.
  • Be a co-host: Ever wish you could be on the show and chat with the hosts live? Here’s your chance! Be a patron for at least 3 months and we’ll have you on the show! We can discuss (almost) anything you like! Of course, you don’t have to participate if you’d rather not.
  • Jay’s Anime Corner Jay watches a lot of anime. A LOT. We don’t always have room for it in the main show, so Jay and Rich will periodically put out a bonus episode ranting and raving on all the anime they’ve been binging.
  • Party-Planning: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the show! Before we begin recording, we always review the plan for the episode as we hammer down the plan and logistics. However, we often have little side conversations during this, taking us completely off the rails.
  • Annual physical gift: For all patrons that have been with us for at least three months, we will send out a special physical gift annually! It could be exclusive After Years merch, fridge magnets, coasters… Whatever it is, you’ll be sure to love it!
  • Planning doc access:  Every week, we create a Google Doc planning out the episode. As soon as it is created, we post the link to the doc. See the show come together and get a preview of what’s coming up!
  • Monthly Raffle: Want some special memorabilia? Once a month, we hold a raffle for all Party Member and above Patrons. You could win games, gift cards, magnets, and other weird shit!
  • And much, much more!!

Please support the show at patreon.com/rpgafteryears

Join us on our Discord server! https://discordapp.com/invite/3WPBgur
Twitter: @RPGYEARS

Email: rpgafteryears@gmail.com


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