Episode 11 – Knightmare ft. Bill

Too Young For This Hit - Knightmare

Tyler was sick and unable to watch a movie so instead friend of the show Bill introduced him to Knightmare, the 80’s/90’s UK virtual reality dungeon crawling kids show that he always wanted to be on.  Its a crazy concept.  Essentially you blind a kid and make him walk down stairs and hope he doesn’t die.  Truly insane and before its time.  Where am I?

Like Final Fantasy VII and donating to organizations that help people? Then check out Bill’s, Final Fantasy VII Materia Lockdown for MNDA.  Learn more at http://materialockdown.com/.  For every $100 raised for MNDA Bill will live stream him playing Final Fantasy VII blind folded with Tyler and two other friends guiding him through the game Knightmare style.

Watch Knightmare along with us:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyg8NKf36Vo 

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Tyler is the host of The Coordinate: An Attack on Titan Podcast and Too Young for this Trek. He is also known for having several cats.

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