Podcasters Assemble… in the Matrix!

As we wrap up our Ghostbusters season, an all new season is upon us…

That’s right, with the release of this year’s “The Matrix: Resurrections” (Wed, Dec 22nd) we’re going back to where it all started, and reviewing the original 1999 film, the awesome anime spin-off, and it’s two… not as awesome sequels… before we plug back into the Matrix with the all new movie! (Submissions for the first Matrix are due on Monday, December 6th!)

Head on over to the Podcasters Assemble page for more details…

Erik Slader

Erik Slader is an author, podcaster, and full-time nerd. He’s the co-author of the “Epic Fails” book series (The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History, The Age of Exploration: Totally Getting Lost, etc) and the creator of Epik Fails of History, a podcast and blog about the most epic fails… of history. He’s also a co-host on 2 Young 4 This Trek: A Star Trek Podcast, and an editor / frequent contributor on Podcasters Assemble – where this season they’re counting down to “Godzilla vs Kong”!

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