Star Trek: Discovery S4E2 – Anomaly

Sad Book

The Enterprise is crippled by waves of destructive anomalies that distort the laws of physics while searching for the Xindi, and Ventaxian pirates attack the ship…. wait no that isn’t right…. Tyler, Erik, and MC are joined by Radio Host, Podcast Guest, and Professional Pain in the Ass, Zack, to talk about Star Trek: Discovery S4E2 “Anomaly”.

In this episode Book is sad and risk’s Grudge’s life for no reason other than he is sad.  Also Grey gets a mole removed.

You can find more of Zack by listening to The Neatcast, Effin’ Cultured, and Podcasters Assembled.  Follow him on Twitter @ZackDeuce

Join us on our next voyage: “Whatever Episode Three is Called”

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