S1E2 – ZELDA II – The First Palace! (Town of Rauru and Parapa Desert)

Link set out on his most adventuresome quest yet… (copyright 1987, Nintendo)

*Originally posted on “Bill’s JRPG Adventures and Other Trappings”!*

The game (officially) begins! Our group of podcasters venture out on their quest to save Hyrule in “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link” (on the NES and Nintendo Switch virtual console)! In this episode, we travel from Princess Zelda to the town of Rauru, across Parapa Desert, to the First Palace, where we encounter the dreaded ‘Darknuts’, and we’re all reminded of just how tough this game is right out the gate… 

Featured on this episode: 

(Episode edited by Bill)

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OC Remix Music Featured: “Battle of the Hylian Hero” by Random Hero, “Hipccordian” by AmIEvil, “Hyrule’s Deadly Palaces!” by Audio Mocha, and “Temple Trance” by bLiNd. All tracks inspired by the original soundtrack composed by Akito Nakatsuka. 

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