Star Trek: Discovery S2 E10-12


Its a race against time itself.  Can the boys record an episode before Tyler’s son decides the show’s over? Also this whole season is about time travel and beating the thing before it happens… and we are trying to finishing cramming two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery in to a small period of time before season 3 arrives! So there are a lot of time races this episode…. Don’t even get me started about just trying to escape 2020.  Anyways this week we watched:

  • Episode 10 – “The Red Angel”
  • Episode 11 – “Perpetual Infinity”
  • Episode 12 – “Through the Valley of Shadows”

We talk about the latest episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks (episode 9) “Crisis Point”

Join us on our next voyage: Star Trek: Discovery Season 2: Episodes 13 & 14 (also the season finale of Lower Decks!).

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